Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fighting Crime

Overheard during trick or treating:

As Liam is trying to turn around and stand up in his stroller...
Craig: Liam, turn around. You can't watch for crime in the streets if you aren't looking forward.

Guy Dressed as Elmo: Ooh, and we have Spiderman.
Craig: (mumbling as we walk away) He's Batman. Get your super heroes straight, Elmo.

Craig: I already have his costume picked out for next year. Optimus Prime. Liam  loves Transformers. (Craig and Liam went shopping at the dollar store on Tuesday and came home with a Decepticon and Bumblebee. I'm sure the decision was all Liam's.)

The night's high point: Getting Goldfish crackers at Subway.

The low point: Dropping his last Goldfish cracker on the floor at the grocery store. He never quite recovered from that.
an action shot of our little crime fighter



  1. He's such a cute little batman! Does Craig know that you are secretly recording him for humorous blog fodder?

  2. That is awesome!! I love his costume! Funny what the guy said- duh, don't they know who batman is!