Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hail to the Chief: A Few of My Favorite Election Day Finds


When it comes to politics, I am a total nerd. On Election Day in 2008, I came home from work to find a grocery store bouquet of red, white, and blue carnations on the counter. I'm not going to lie, I was totally smitten. This year, I keep stumbling on election-themed items that would most definitely be sitting on my doorstep in a few weeks if money (and space) were no object:

-Election-themed puzzles--pretty amazing.

-Would Liam be the nerdiest baby at daycare if he showed up with USA cookies? Do I care?

-Considering Liam's new-found love of Charlie Brown, I'd love to add these to our library.

-I genuinely want add this map and these ballot boxes to our home.

-This print press block would also be great alongside my old typewriter and globe.


  1. This is awesome Amber! Totally awesome finds!

  2. For some reason, I am inspired to use the word "boss" to describe that USA cookie cutter. Yep, it's boss. And little map-loving, future world traveler Liam totally needs to have it for future events!