Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Craig spent his evening off carving pumpkins with us. There's something about culinary school that makes what would be at least a three hour task for me last less than an hour when he's involved. It's a good thing I got these pictures when I did. Within a few hours, the Boo pumpkin and at least two of the mini pumpkins were sacrificed to the deer who like to hang out down the street.


  1. Oh no!!! All that work gone...I love that first picture btw Amber :)
    Hope you guys are well and have a Happy Halloween! Little man is growing up so much, I love keeping up with you on Instagram now too xo

  2. Oh, too bad about the pumpkins, but they look good in the picture! Hope you guys have a good Halloween!

  3. Jealous of your super pumpkin carver hubby! Sad that the deer got them, but I'd rather than that hooligan teenagers (how old do I sound?).

    1. Ha! I thought the exact same thing.

  4. Our pumpkin got eaten this year too! Bizarre. I love the face of the one on the bottom!

  5. That is amazing!!! That is one scary pumpkin!