Monday, November 5, 2012

18 Months

At 18 months, I can count on Liam to: slide through the dirt in his dress clothes (it's a good thing that jacket and sweater vest were only a dollar each at the thrift store), spot or hear a dog from a mile away, shout out "vroooom, vroooom" when he sees a truck from inside the grocery store,  and turn any attempt to cuddle into a wrestling match. There are days that I step back and think to myself, "Wow. I did that. That's my kid..." And other days, I think, "He must have learned that from his dad."

He's an explorer, this one. He loves to be outside. He's started bringing me his stroller when he wants to go for a walk. No matter how cold it is outside, I usually cave. I think we'd both go a little stir crazy if I didn't. 

He also loves to read. If we're hanging out around the house, he'll climb into my lap, book in hand, expecting me to read it to him over and over and over until my vocal cords begin to wear. One of his favorites these days is the Bright Baby First 100 Words book. He'll point at each picture naming the ones he knows, expecting me to list the ones he hasn't learned yet. Tomato and strawberry get him every time.

I don't think I ever realized how challenging it would be to raise a toddler. The temper tantrums, the whining, the hitting, the whining when he's told not to hit -- it's definitely trying. But those kisses, especially when you need them most, make it all worth it.


  1. Omg, that little jacket is just too much! So cute!

  2. He is too much in that jacket and vest. too much. i tell ya i'm gonna need a boy soon!

  3. Great pictures!! Toddlers are definitely a trying bunch, but so worth it too. I definitely know what you mean!! I'll take the tantrums, since it also means the ability to have an actual conversation with Evie. Isn't it crazy!?!?!?

  4. Are you KIDDING me with that jacket and vest combo?! Oh my word - such a little man. And I love your write-up; Liam is going to treasure reading all of this stuff someday!

  5. They sure do!! Wow Liam is growing up fast! It has been nice following your blog and watching him grow.
    Love the outfit he has on, so smart but boyish even if he drags himself through dirt lol
    Happy 18 months little guy, you are too sweet for words xo