Friday, November 30, 2012

Here's Hoping for a Speedy Friday

This was the first full week I've worked in two weeks, and we didn't even have students the past two days. Let's be honest, though, some days I would much rather be working with students than sitting at a table all day at training. I'm hoping for a speedy Friday. I'm definitely looking forward to Craig's return and a leisurely Saturday.

Here are a few of my favorite links:

-I love this, and I've been thinking about this a lot lately. We technically live in a two-bedroom house, although the previous owners used what is currently our master bedroom as two separate bedrooms for their kids (minus a door).

-One of my favorite parts of the end of the year is all of the "best of" reading lists and the National Book Awards. Behind the Beautiful Forevers is definitely on my winter reading list.

-It's also the season for holiday gift guides. I love this one. It's got some great ideas for future years.

-I would like to make this pillow just as soon as I hone my sewing skills. I bought a sewing machine for $3 at a garage sale last August, but something's telling me it's probably not the best machine to use to relearn how to sew.

-I told Craig I would go to this movie with him sometime this winter. I think I'm going to read the book first. I wasn't much of a fantasy person growing up, although I do remember truly enjoying A Wrinkle in Time. (P.S. Did you know Madeleine L'Engle was born this week in 1918?)

Some recent read-alouds with the students:

-One boy could hardly control his laughter as we read this one.

-I was greeted with silence when we finished this one, so I wasn't sure what they thought until one boy said, "Wow. That was a good one ma'am."

-I read this with my GED students last month. One boy asked for an extra copy because it made him think. I love it when that happens.


  1. Awesome pillow! I wish I knew how to sew :)

  2. I never heard of that book but I am def going to check it out. That pillow is awesome!