Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Little Moments I Don't Want to Forget

I had another post in mind for tonight-- a little rundown of a few of the little projects I've completed the past few weekends, but then I stumbled on Danielle's post.  Toddlers can be pretty sweet sometimes, and if we don't write those little moments down it's so easy to forget. In an effort to remember, here are a few of this week's little moments:

-Liam has started saying "uh-uh." As in, Liam, can you sit down? "Uh-uh." Liam, do you want to hear the run down for today? "Uh uh." Each night before he goes to bed, we dig through his pajama drawer as he says "uh uh" to each pair. That is, until we get to one of his three pairs of truck jammies. At which point, he exclaims, "Oh, wow!" Truck jammies it is. (Also, sometimes I can convince him to wear rockets or Batman if the truck jams are dirty.)

-Nothing makes me more proud than when Liam climbs into my lap, book in hand, ready to be read to.  Last night, he kicked it up a notch when, right before bed time, an eerie silence fell over our house, which is never a good sign. I walked around the corner to check on him and found him covered up with a blanket reading Shake A Leg. Too sweet.

-In the past week, we started getting Liam to say Gus and Ollie (although, it still comes out as "Dus" and "Owie"). One of the problems with having dogs that are brothers is that it's hard to determine which one is which. Last night, I found Liam petting Ollie, saying "Hi, Dus."

-We didn't have daycare the past two days, so I opted to stay home with Liam yesterday and Craig and his friend Brandon took shifts watching Liam today. When I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, Liam kept smacking his lips for another kiss and another. It was too sweet, and it definitely made me want to stick around for another day with him (thank goodness for a Thanksgiving break meant to be spent with my sweet little boy).


  1. AHH, Ethan has started saying "oh wow" and it's by far my favorite thing ever! We went out to dinner with family last night and when the waitress put his sweet potato down in front of him, he let out a big "OH WOW!" Dying just thinking about it, haha.

    This is a great post. I agree, it's so easy to just forget the sweet things toddlers say and do <3

  2. Aw- that is so sweet and cute! Zane has been saying uh-uh all the time too! It makes me laugh!