Wednesday, December 5, 2012

holiday photo time

A few weeks ago, Craig, Liam, and I trekked down to Western Nebraska, so Kim, a longtime family friend could take our family photos. Kim is the mom to two of the cutest little boys and one of the sweetest people I've met. Her experience with little boys proved useful as she caught Liam in some of the cutest poses as he climbed up and down ladders, wandered toward tractors and loaders, and stopped to listen to the choo choos.


  1. Okay, true story: I had to stare at that last one waaaaaay too long before I figured out how it worked. Love the pics! I just wish I could see more of your obviously cute outfit. (Liam is, as always, adorable.)

    1. Craig and I were joking that if all of the pictures had just been of Liam, we would have had plenty to use. There were so many pictures where one of us had an awkward face. Fortunately, we did find a few to put together a Christmas card.