Monday, December 10, 2012

Liam, This Christmas


I love seeing you this Christmas. It's like everything is brand new and so exciting. As soon as the parade of lights started last weekend, you shouted, "Oh, wow!" I glowed a little inside as you watched in awe of the lighted trucks, fire trucks, and horses. 

I came home that night and told your dad we had to take you to see the reindeer at Storybook Island. You didn't let us down, pointing and shouting "Oh, wow!" as we walked around the park looking at the lighted fire trucks and choo choos and boats. I was a little worried about how you'd react to Santa, but you didn't show much fear until your dad tried to entertain you with a puppet in the gift shop.

The other day you saw your dream house when we went for a walk-- three blow-up snow globes, a Mickey Santa Claus, Santa and his reindeer on a teeter totter, and Santa and Rudolph in a blow up convertible. I hate to break it to you Liam, but I'm not going to be that mom who has sixteen blow-up Christmas decorations in her front yard. I do promise to take you by there again some day.

We've also been opening a different Christmas book each night. It cracked me up tonight when you said, "A book. Thank you."

Liam, I hope that you never forget to be thankful. I hope you never forget about the wonder and awe of Christmas. I hope it doesn't get old for you and that every Christmas is like this Christmas.



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  1. Love this post! I love how excited the little ones get! It is truly so cute!

  2. I love how children react to new and exciting things! Especially how they completely get the spirit of Christmas! Full of excitement and giving! Young children love to give to others! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love it. It has got to be so exciting introducing all these new Christmas things to him!

  4. I love seeing the magic of Christmas through Leila's eyes!