Tuesday, January 8, 2013

i've created a monster

sunday morning rock show--just before he threw his guitar on the floor like a real rockstar

Liam doesn't watch a lot of T.V. Occasionally, we turn on an episode of Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while he plays, but really he just likes the music and never sits still for an entire episode.

A few weeks ago, Liam was in a funk post-daycare, so I thought it would be fun to have a little dance party in our living room with music from YouTube. Eventually I found myself watching as Liam was spinning around in my living room, wearing one of my scarves, yelling "ABC, ABC."It's since become a regular thing in our house--listening to Elmo and India Arie singing "ABC..."--so regular that Liam's first words some mornings are Daddy? Mommy? ABC?

Then, to save ourselves from going insane over ABC, Craig and I slowly started expanding Liam's YouTube repertoire. Everytime Liam sees my computer, he yells, "ABC? Bus? Ahh Ahh Ahh? Hot Dog?" (I must admit that I cringed a little when Craig introduced the Barney. I grew up in a (mostly) one T.V. household with a sister who was 8 years younger than I. Needless to say, we ended up watching a lot of Barney.)

This is such a tough one for me--I don't watch a lot of T.V. (aside from a few trashy reality shows and Parenthood), and I never really wanted to let Liam watch much either. I like that he enjoys the music and dancing, but I don't want him to get too addicted to these videos. (And, I'm not going to lie--I'm a little sad that my little boy who once loved Otis Redding is turning to Elmo and Barney and Mickey Mouse.)


  1. The TV issue is a hard one. I try really hard not to let Lorelei watch any, but YouTube videos (which are essentially TV, I guess) have been fun for us at times. I try to find things for her that will be somewhat educational - like when she was really into pretending to be a ballerina and we watched clips from The Nutcracker so she could see a real ballet in action. We spend a lot of time listening to various Pandora kid-related stations, too, because she can't stand even a minute without music blasting.

  2. We have this same issue. It became bad while I was nannying. Every time I would put the baby down, I would put on Sesame Street for Leland. At first he didn't care but now he is really into it. So I let him watch one show or video a day. We have a lot of DVDs for him, so he likes to pick one out and watch it on the computer, since we don't have a TV. It is helpful for getting lunch or dinner ready, or cleaning the house. He requests to watch shows several times throughout the day but I only let him do it once.

  3. TV is difficult. On one hand you don't want them watching too much of it, but on the other it can be REALLY educational! Youtube is awesome. There are a lot of really neat alphabet and counting songs for when he gets older. I use them daily in my classroom and have seen some excellent growth because of them. Best of luck finding a happy medium!

  4. Yeah -- Evie LOVES Diego. Like loves it, and requests it fairly frequently but we don't let her watch TV a lot so sometimes she has to go days between shows. Oh well. I grew up with very limited TV and when I requested to watch a show I was handed a book. And I think I'm ok.

  5. Oh I have a tv monster too,lol! Zane is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. I try not to play it all the time but it is the only thing that keeps him calm. #Mommyfail on my part but it is okay! I was much better with Hayley!