Sunday, February 24, 2013

outdoor outdoor fun (part one)

Last weekend Michaela came to help us paint Liam's bedroom. Saturday was so beautiful that we didn't want to be stuck inside, though, so we decided to head to the Outdoor Campus. Since it was so nice outside, we stuck to the outdoor portion of the campus, hiking on the trail, playing in the mud pie kitchen, and Liam joined in on a game of tag leading to muddy knees and shoes (thank goodness for understanding instructors/parents and OxiClean.)

After the Outdoor Campus, we went for lunch at Bully Blends, where Liam enjoyed a smoothie that he affectionately referred to as "green juice." (Probably because the fruity flavor reminded him of the green Naked Juice we sometimes get.)

Days like this are meant to be enjoyed. I am so thankful for an amazing aunt who was here to enjoy it with us. 

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