Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Boy's Life {As Narrated by Liam}

On Saturday morning, Daddy got up and headed to work. He just so happened to leave Comedy Central on, so I could catch up on some Police Academy while Mommy got ready. This gave me the opportunity to shout a few of my favorite words at the TV-- police car! and uh oh!.

Then came my turn to get ready. It's important to ensure that your outfit has the perfect ratio of plaid to trucks. What you can't tell about my outfit is that I have my favorite undershirt on--it's got trucks and cars and wrenches on it.

Silly Mommy left the door open while she was filling up the dogs' water, so I took that opportunity to run outside, bare feet and all, to show Gus and Ollie my tractor and my Nomas and shout, "Hey, puppies!"

Mom checked out the weather, and it turned out it was not that freezing, so we decided to take my sled out for a little hike on one of our favorite trails. The cool thing about sleds is that babies get to do all of the lounging while mommies do all of the work.

Also, their proximity to the ground allows for easy access to things like dirt and rocks and leaves and pine needles--my favorite. 

The rest of the day was filled with the boringness that is Mommy shopping for earrings and me napping. This boy life can be pretty exhausting.


  1. Aww he is growing up and is so very adorable!! I liked this post through the eyes of Liam, I just love toddlers so much, it's an exciting age of discovery and excitement and wonder...and look at that snow! Wow, so pretty :)
    Good to hear you guys are well xo

  2. This is hilarious. Maybe I should do one of these for Evie! Also, so jealous of your snow. :/

  3. He is seriously the cutest! Love and adore these pictures!