Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yesterday we dressed in our finest green outfits and headed to the St. Patrick's Day parade where we saw a handful of green cars and a lime green fire truck. It was the world's shortest parade, and Liam was not excited to see it end. He cried, "Fire truck! Gween fire truck!"

Big March snowflakes were starting to fall from the sky, so I swooped him up and we made a quick stop at Target, where we picked up green juice and green grapes before heading home. Then, as I was grabbing a few things for dinner at the grocery store last night, I picked up a bouquet of green flowers to keep the spirit of spring alive in our house.

Today, I overheard Craig explaining to Liam that he's Irish, and because Liam's almost two and "no" continues to be one of his favorite words, Liam responded, "No Iwish." Oh, Liam, I don't think your father will ever let you deny being Irish.


  1. Liam is so cute! That is so awesome about going to a st pattys day parade!

  2. I actually forgot about St. Patrick's day until way later in the day so neither of us wore green!
    He is always a cutie but oh, that hat!! =]