Monday, April 22, 2013

try again

after a sudden sleet storm hit us while we were out on a walk Saturday

A few weeks ago, I overheard Craig testing Liam's color knowledge with a few of Liam's trains. Each time Craig held up a train, Liam would shout "green" since green is his favorite color and he loves all things green. And each time the engine was yellow or blue or red, Craig would respond, "try again." Not "no," not "not quite," but "try again."

For a girl whose whole life has revolved around getting the right answer the first time, who's college professor had to assure her that "it was a strong B" when she earned a B in an honors literature course after taking the final with Influenza A, this is a concept I have yet to learn.

Yet, it's such an important concept to understand. I hope Liam remembers these moments. I hope he learns early that it's okay to challenge yourself, it's okay to get the answer wrong, and in those moments, pick yourself up and try again.

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  1. that's really sweet, and a great life lesson!