Saturday, May 11, 2013

a party for the king of all wild things

Last  weekend, Liam and I ventured back to my hometown for a little party to celebrate Liam's second birthday. I tried to keep the party pretty simple, using an old paperback copy of Where the Wild Things Are for decorations. I bought the cupcakes, but made homemade "wild"berry ice cream (it was super easy--just cream, sugar, and some fresh berries).

I had every intention of sending out invitations, but instead sent text messages and made phone calls (sorry family!) and ended up handing out copies of this photo at the party. I also made a few gold crowns, which made for some fun photo ops.

Liam came away from the party with a new summer wardrobe, more John Deere tractors than a boy could dream of, and a bouncing pig (which he loves, who knew?), but more than anything he had a blast spending the party with his grandmas, grandpas, and all of his cousins.

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