Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Sun's Got Into My Veins

"I've got a date with the sky today
The sun's got into my veins."
-Badger Clark

This weekend was for painting and planting and projects, but Liam and I decided to take a couple of breaks from all of that to hit up a few of our tried and true hiking trails. I really love the Badger Hole trail because it's close to town and very baby-friendly. I also like that you can get a little glimpse of history along the way.

Although we've hiked the trail several times, I haven't been inside the cabin for several years. The volunteer who was staffing it that day was especially friendly and knowledgeable. We compared notes on our Canon cameras, his a T4i, mine a T3i; talked a little about my job and he told me he purchased an anniversary gift for his wife at the lodge where Craig works; and we talked a little about Badger Clark.

Badger Clark was South Dakota's Poet Laureate from 1937 until his death in 1957. He built the cabin himself with some assistance moving boulders for the foundation. It never had electricity or running water. In a lot of ways I think he was well ahead of his time, choosing to live a simple lifestyle, writing, reading, and spending time soaking up nature.

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