Saturday, June 1, 2013

Down by the Boardwalk

When I was in 6th grade, our class spent all year raising money to attend science camp in the area where we now live. Our whole trip was cool and rainy, but we still got the opportunity to go canoeing. I wasn't much for the outdoors in those preteen years, but for whatever reason, I loved it.

I've never been back to the lake where we went canoeing despite living only six miles away, but last weekend, I decided to take Liam there. He loved running along the boardwalk, stopping to check out the ducks, and listening to the frogs croak in the distance before the rain clouds started rolling in.

I was reading an article somewhere about getting your kid to love the outdoors. Liam loves being outside, and honestly, if I spent my weekend days holed up in my basement folding laundry, I might go insane, especially in the summer when Craig is gone for 15+ hours each day. Thank goodness for a kid whose willing to get his mama outdoors.

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  1. Darwin is an outside boy too. He really couldn't be out enough. Even on the coldest days he would never complain and want to go in. It's so good for me too. We have a boardwalk like this nearby as well so I think we might need to take another visit soon :)