Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's a Zoo Out There

On Thursday night, I ventured down to Lincoln with two two year-olds to visit Aunt Mic. We decided to hit up the Henry Doorly Zoo on Friday. While it got a little iffy there for a while, with lots of Liam, can we shares, it turned out to be a pretty good day. When Craig asked Liam what he saw at the zoo, his first response was, "A turtle!" I think Harlee's favorite part was the tigers, even though they were kind of sleepy. (Also, thanks to Aunt Mic for hosting us and for providing some much needed adult interaction on the ride home.)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Room Fit for an Explorer: Details

It's been nearly four months since Liam moved into his explorer room, yet I keep putting this post off in the hopes of finishing a few projects. While it's not done and I fear it will always be a work in progress, art has been hung, the major furniture pieces have been moved in, and Liam has settled in well.

Gallery Wall
Ship Print, Vintage Maps, and German License Plate: local consignment store
Ideal Bookshelf Print: from 20 x 200 when I was pregnant, but it can be found here now
A to Z Bookends: clearance rack at a local shop while I was pregnant
Golden Books: collected from thrift stores, my collection as a child, and antique shops
Dresser: my childhood dresser
My Roots Lie Here Print: from Zulily last winter, but it can also be found here
Star Quilt: gift
Liam the Brave sheet: from this store last year, but it can also be found here
Map: free in a National Geographic magazine
Toy Area
Globe, Bead Maze, andVintage Blocks: local consignment store
Sock Monkey Jack in the Box: from a local toy store, but it can also be found here

Monday, July 1, 2013


June was for long hikes, goofing around, estate sale shopping, fishy watching, scraped knees, gift giving, bubble chasing, art supply organizing, and drive-in movies that lasted into July. Not pictured: ice cream making, listening to ukulele strumming around the fire pit, and rodeo cheering.

It's only looking up from here with fireworks and Grandma and Grandpa visits and zoo exploring on the horizon.