Saturday, September 21, 2013

Foggy Friday + Some Links for Your Weekend

Last Friday was one of those crisp, cool days that only occurs to remind you that it's almost fall. After work, I decided to take Liam out to hear the elk bugle. Unfortunately, I am a terrible elk hunter and am by no means patient enough to wait until they decide to start bugling, so we decided to explore a few country roads instead.

At the conclusion of our drive, we decided to stop in at the lodge to visit Craig. As I walked up to the lodge, I could smell the smoke billowing out of the chimney, and we walked in to hear the sound of guests playing music around the fireplace. Liam, ever the little politician, greeted each and every one of them, and as we left for the night, they stopped him to say, "Good night, Batman." I know I'm just saying this because I'm his mom, but he's a charmer.

And, because no weekend post is complete without a few links:
+I heard this on my way to work one morning as I was passing a huge bison bull. Kind of interesting.
+ We've been stocking up on fall and winter clothes around here, and Twice and ThreadUp have been our largest suppliers. (P.S. You should know those are both referral links.)
+Had lunch with a client earlier this week and enjoyed the most delicious bowl of sweet potato curry soup that I'd like to recreate. I'm thinking of giving this recipe a try.
+I've been loving Jason Isbell's new album. So many great songs.

+Have you seen the Penguin Chalkboard Classics?  Liam and I picked up Peter Pan at our favorite book store the other day, and I'm hoping to add The Wizard of Oz in the near future. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Conversations with Liam

(As we're driving past Mt. Rushmore)

Me: Hey Liam, did you see the presidents?
Liam: Huh?
Me: The presidents. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.
Liam: Thomas?
Me: Yeah. Thomas Jefferson. He was a president.
Liam: Thomas the Train. President.

Only in Liam's perfect world.

Me: Liam, are you going to give mama a kiss?
Liam: Uh. Uh.
Me: How about a hug?
Liam: How 'bout five? (Gives me a five.)

Always making his mama feel loved.