Thursday, October 17, 2013

Interview With an Almost Two and a Half Year Old

A few months ago, we moved Liam to a toddler bed. He wasn't making the leaps over the side of the crib that I've heard other moms talk about, but he was becoming skilled at scaling up his changing table, over to his crib and vice versa. After a horrible first night of crying and rushing to the door as soon as we tucked him in, Craig and I made the decision that it was better for one of us to lay on Liam's floor until he fell asleep rather than having him climb into bed with us each time he got scared. A few nights ago, I had forgotten to say, "I love you," after tucking him in, so as he was falling asleep, Liam rolled over and sighed, "Mommy, I love you, too."

When Liam was a baby, my only wish was that he could communicate with me better--tell me what he needs. Two years later communication is still pretty tough. When he's clearly lethargic and feverish, and I ask him what's wrong, he says, "finger hurts," and when he's clearly not lethargic or feverish and is eating everything in sight, he stops to tell me, "Mommy, tummy hurts," and even though he pretty much refuses to use the bathroom, he insists on wearing the name brand Monsters, Inc. Pull-Ups because, "they like undies, Mom." But, those little "I love yous" make it all worth it.

Oh, and little moments like this, when it's raining and cold and we have nothing better to do than record a little interview on laundry day. They're worth it, too.

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