Thursday, November 7, 2013

Read, Reading, To Read


I put both of these books on my to read list after hearing about them on NPR.  I loved the prose in The Panopticon and loved the spunk of the character Anais Hendricks. Once I started reading it, it was hard to put down. Once I finished, I decided it was time to pick up Orange is the New Black. I'm not sure what rock I was hiding under, but I had no idea that the Netflix series Orange is the New Black was based on Piper Kerman's memoir. After listening to an interview with Piper, I decided to grab the book and check it out. Normally, I'm a big fan of nonfiction, and I enjoyed both books, but if I had to recommend one over the other, I'd definitely choose The Panopticon


Like many people I got sucked into this series a few months ago, and decided I needed to finish it out. As Liam and I were laying in bed "reading" last night, he rolled over and said, "Mom, you got dragon book, too?" Not quite, Liam, not quite. P.S. He was browsing this book, one of his favorites. 

To Read

Carry On, Warrior: The Momastery Way to Let Go, Love One Another, and Build a Life

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