Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fun Finds: A Tribute to the Motherland

earrings//Viking hat//Uff da! mug
print//Setesdal blanket//Explorer shirt
All told, I'm about 1/2 Norwegian, much like many of my friends growing up in eastern South Dakota. When we moved to the Panhandle of Nebraska, I would let out the occasional "Uff da!," and my friends would look at me like a bit of a crazy person. (You know, like "Uff da!" it's hot outside or "Uff da!" that was heavy.)

Since my sister sent Liam a Viking postcard from her European adventure last fall and subsequently bought him a Viking ship for Christmas, Liam has been a little obsessed with "Bikings." I've been hunting for the perfect Viking helmet, and in the process, I spotted a few other items I would love to add to our collection.

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  1. Erik is half Norwegian as well, and he's always calling himself a viking. In fact, he changed my phone so when he calls me it reads "Erik the Viking". HAHA! What great items you found!